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Community Services Division (CSD) helps fill the gap for individuals and businesses who lack the necessary resources to obtain paid legal representation. Attorney Cobb has recognized the need for helping people who have fallen in the gaps of the legal system and need guidance and direction. If you, someone you know or your organization or group is connected to individuals who cannot afford representation contact the Community Services Division of Cobb Counsel and let us run a Free Legal Clinic for you. Our established clinics cover the following areas:

Credit Card Debt Clinic
Family Law Clinic
Land Lord Tenant Clinic
Employment Law Clinic

Our Community Services Division works very closely with 501(3) organizations, non-profits and religious organizations to enhance the opportunities for legal education and awareness programming amongst the individuals who receive help and care from their provider networks.

Contact us at 724-252-2003 to discuss how a Free Legal Clinic can help make a difference for you.